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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Signs of Pregnancy Back to Top

A missed period is one of the most common and obvious signs that you may be pregnant. Even with a missed period, further confirmation of pregnancy will be required since menstrual cycles may be effected by such things as rapid weight gain or weight loss and stress. But in addition to a missed period, there are a few other pregnancy symptoms that you may notice.

In fact early signs or pregnancy vary from woman to woman.  Some women will experience implantation  bleeding.  About 8-12 days after conception, the uterine wall is implanted with the embryo and this may result in some cramping and spotting in some women.  However, some of this untimely bleeding may also be a false symptom and may simply be the result of altered menstruation, infection or other external factors.

One other early symptom of possible pregnancy may be tender breasts or swollen breasts a few weeks after conception.  However, just like a general condition of a missed period, there may be other explanations for tenderness in breasts – such as hormonal imbalances or for some women just a pre-menstrual symptom.  So once again, a pregnancy test will be required to fully confirm this early symptom.

Some women have reported fatigue and being tired – a condition which may start as early as 1-2 week after conception.  Unfortunately this is also not a strong indicator of pregnancy and may be explained by many other environmental factors like stress, common cold, working too many hours and many other factors.

Morning sickness and nausea are symptoms all too familiar to many pregnancy women.  These conditions may start as early as 3-8 weeks into the pregnancy and may last in some women throughout their entire pregnancy.  Other pregnant women experience no such early symptoms of pregnancy and feel no morning sickness during their complete pregnancy cycle.  As with other early pregnancy symptoms, nausea is not a full-proof indication of pregnancy, and similar symptoms may be caused by food poisoning, intestinal disorders, stress and other external non-pregnancy factors.

Early pregnancy signs like backaches and headaches while common, may be easily the result of many other non-pregnancy conditions and ailments.

Pregnancy Testing Back to Top

All pregnancy tests are based on detecting a hormone in urine or blood which is present when a woman is pregnant.  The hormone, sometimes called the pregnancy hormone, is the human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG.  The amount of hCG which may be detected by a pregnancy test grows with each additional day of pregnancy.  Two ways to test for hCG is either by a home pregnancy test which tests the urine for hCG or by blood test.  The blood tests can pick up hCG earlier in pregnancy then urine tests.  However, in recent years more accurate and sensitive urine tests have come out for home pregnancy testing.  Women’s Health Network can test you for pregnancy during your visit.

Negative Pregnancy Test
If you have missed a period and tried a pregnancy home test and the test is negative, there may still be a chance that you are pregnant – so make an appointment to see our OBGYN doctors for a consultation. A home pregnancy test may show a false negative if used too early in the pregnancy. So if you keep getting a negative home pregnancy result and you think you are pregnant – call us right away for an appointment at 215-322-3022.

Positive Pregnancy Test

If your home pregnancy test shows you a positive pregnancy result you should call us right away to schedule an appointment. We will re-confirm the results in our office and may perform additional exams like a pelvic exam to make sure that you are pregnant. We may also send you for a blood test to further confirm the pregnancy. Seeing a doctor in early stages of the pregnancy will help you and your baby stay healthy during the months of pregnancy

Pregnancy Calculator Back to Top

So you have completed pregnancy testing and the tests are confirming your pregnancy – what do you do next?  Well – you can use the pregnancy calculator below to get an estimated delivery date.  Make an appointment to see our doctor (click here to visit our appointment page or call at (215)322-3022). Our doctors will confirm your pregnancy test, and verify the due date provided to you by the pregnancy calculator below.  Then our OBGYNs will be by your side through your entire pregnancy. 

The pregnancy calculator is based on counting 266 days from conception, or approximately 280 days from your last menstrual period (LMP)

If you are not sure of the LMP date, we can use an early ultrasound to determine an approximate due date.

To use the pregnancy calculator, just enter the first day of your last menstrual period below:

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